Dry Eye FAQs

Hudson Eye Doctor Answers Dry Eyes FAQs

Do you suffer from itchy, sore, or burning eyes? You may have a condition known as dry eye syndrome. The optometrists at Christenson Vision Care can provide a diagnosis of your symptoms and help you find relief from dry eyes.

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What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that occurs when a person suffers from a chronic lack of lubrication and moisture covering the eye’s surface. This can cause irritation and inflammation of the eye and may even lead to scarring if left untreated.

What causes dry eye?

Sufficient tears on the eye’s surface help keep your eyes healthy and comfortable. The tears bathe the eye, keeping it moist and washing away any dust or debris that can lead to irritation or infection. Normal tears consist of three components – oily, watery, and mucous-like – which are produced by different glands on or around the eye. When one of these components is missing or insufficient due to issues with the gland, this can cause dry eyes.

Who is at risk for dry eye?

There are a variety of factors that can cause or worsen your dry eye symptoms. People who use the computer often, live in dry or windy environments, fly frequently, or smoke are at higher risk for dry eye syndrome. Risks of dry eye also increase with age.

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome doesn’t feel the same for every person. Here are a few of the different symptoms that someone with dry eye might experience:

  • Burning or soreness
  • Itchy eyes
  • Aching or dryness sensations
  • Heavy or fatigued eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Light sensitivities

How are watery eyes associated with dry eye syndrome?

Though it may seem contradictory, watery eyes can actually be associated with dry eye syndrome. Irritated and painful eyes can sometimes stimulate tear production. Excessive tears can actually make the issue worse as too many watery tears are likely to wash away the healthy parts of tears that the eye has produced.

How is dry eye diagnosed?

Dry eye can cause serious irritation and lead to worse problems if left untreated. A routine eye exam by a qualified Northline optometrist can help diagnose this issue before it escalates. After diagnosis, our eye doctors will provide you with the most effective treatment options for your condition.

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