Almost everyone knows someone who wears either eyeglasses or contacts if they don't wear these themselves. These lenses are used to focus light in the proper location, allowing someone to see clearly. These lenses make a tremendous difference in someone's overall quality of life. When someone is informed that he or she needs corrective lenses, one of the first questions is about glasses vs. contacts. The experienced team at Christenson Vision Care located in nearby Hudson WI is here to share some important information to help individuals make this decision.

Eyeglasses: Helpful Information

Glasses are typically the first corrective vision tool that people start out with. Glasses are cheaper than contacts and require less maintenance. Furthermore, people do not have to worry about placing anything on top of their eyes. On the other hand, glasses can sometimes be uncomfortable on the face, particularly if they keep sliding down the nose. People may want to replace their frames as styles change. Children are sometimes worried about how their peers will react as well. Glasses are still an effective tool used to correct vision.

Contact Lenses Offer an Alternative

Contacts have become incredibly popular over the past few decades. Contacts are much smaller than glasses and can fit on top of the eyeball without anyone ever knowing that they are there. They correct the entire visual field and are not at risk of breaking. On the other hand, people do need to insert and remove their contacts on a daily basis. People also have to remember to change their contacts regularly or risk an infection developing. In the long run, contacts are also more expensive; however, many people love their contacts.

Help from a Trained Eye Doctor

For help making this decision, visit Christenson Vision Care located in Hudson WI today. Our friendly eye doctors are always available to help you with all of your glasses and contacts needs, so call us at (715) 381-1234 to make an appointment!

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