Dena D.

Dena D.

Marketing/Public Relations Specialist

I’ve worked at CVC since 2014 starting out as a Paraoptometric Technician. I went onto earn my certification as a para in 2015. You will still find me filling in at times as a technician when needed. At the end of 2019, a new position was created at CVC and I was offered the Marketing/Public Relations Specialist position. My background is in marketing/graphic design and communication. I am responsible for designing marketing materials, working with marketing reps, maintaining our website, social media and online presence, networking, training new employees, and helping with coverage when needed, to name a few.

Four Fun Facts About Me:

  1. 1. CREATIVE: 30+ years of graphic design & communication.

  2. 2. I LOVE JUNK: I’ve been known to dumpster dive for treasures and “flip” them into a new life (my kitchen bistro is constructed from an old cow tank and an old silo blower pipe).

  3. 3. FARM GIRL: I was raised on a dairy farm with deaf parents and one brother.

  4. 4. MOM/GRANDMA: I am a mom to FOUR daughters. I have one grandson with another grandchild on the way!

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