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One of the best things that you can do to prepare for eye allergies is to visit the eye doctor for an eye exam prior to the season coming around. If you’re like the countless other Americans that experience eye allergies, you can obtain eye drops from the doctor in order to treat issues like allergic conjunctivitis and eye swelling. One of the optometrists at Christenson Vision Care in Hudson would be happy to assist you in receiving the proper treatment to minimalize the impact of eye allergies on your life.

Allergy Medications

After getting an eye exam from the optometrist, make sure to inquire about which allergy medication is best for you to take if you currently have itchy eyes, swelling in the eyes, or want to prevent the effects of eye allergies from occurring in the first place. Your eye doctor will need your medication history and may prescribe different steroid eye drops if they are deemed necessary.

Home Remedies

While optometrists are the first line of defense against eye allergy symptoms, there can be several reasons why you might not be able to see them right away. If you find yourself with itchy watery eyes and don't have eye allergy drops from your doctor, it is possible to provide some relief to the eyes for a short period of time without a doctor.

A common home remedy to help swollen eyes involves a washcloth soaked in cold water applied to the eyes while you lay in a comfortable position either on a sofa or a bed. There isn’t a set time limit as to how long you can use this strategy but on average 20 minutes with the washcloth and a two-hour period without should be a good guideline. This treatment should bring relief to your swollen eyelids and as a bonus, will likely be quite relaxing.

When it is time to see the eye doctor, you may need someone else to drive as it can be very dangerous to operate a vehicle when your vision is impaired. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to driving.

Children’s Eye Allergies

If you do have children with eye allergies, cold compressions can work for them as well but you should try your best to take them to the optometrist first. With many brands creating special eye drops for kids, your optometrist will know which eye drops are ideal for your children.

Eye Allergy Relief in Hudson

Eye allergies are often seasonal but they can strike at any time. If you are from the Hudson area and you’re experiencing eye allergy symptoms, call Christenson Vision Care in Hudson today at (715) 381-1234.

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