eye injury for kids


Every year, thousands of children under the age of 15 suffer serious toy-related injuries to the eyes. When an eye injury occurs in the Hudson WI area, Christenson Vision Care can provide outstanding care, beginning with an emergency eye exam to determine the extent of the injury. Dr. Garth Christensen, Dr. Miki Flnn, and Dr. Lauren Soukup are highly qualified to provide the optometry services that can treat, and perhaps save, your children's eyesight.


Parents can play a role in helping prevent toy-related eye injuries by purchasing toys that are age-appropriate, and by spending time with their children teaching them how to operate their toys safely. It is also a good idea for children to be supervised at all times when playing with toys. Accidents are more likely to occur when the child uses toys that have parts that fly off, such as toy guns or rocket launchers. Parents should select toys for their children that are solidly built, and that will not break into small pieces upon impact. Toys with sharp points, rods, spikes, or dangerous edges should be avoided. When not in use, toys should be properly stored so that they will not cause falls that could injure a child.

Optometrist Treatment for Eye Injuries Caused by Toys

Each optometrist at Christenson Vision Care is highly qualified to administer treatments for any child eye injury-related issues. Your child will feel at ease in our comfortable environment. Our optometrists use state-of-the-art medical techniques and equipment to bring the fastest, most effective relief possible.

Establish a Relationship With Your Optometrist

It is important that parents establish a relationship with their child's optometrist prior to the occurrence of an accident. Doing so will enable the doctor to have your child's history, which could be helpful during treatment for an eye injury. It will also establish trust between the child and the doctor, which can help the child feel more at ease when being treated for a severe eye injury. This relationship can be established by taking your child in for a routine eye exam to determine whether he or she needs glasses.

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