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What Are Some Signs of Vision Tracking Problems?

Symptoms of eye-tracking problems may include poor reading accuracy, clumsiness, slow reading, and needing to reread sections, head movement, and tilting, squinting, and difficulty completing tasks such as copying texts or detailed hobbies like model painting and sewing. Even people who have been tested to have 20/20 vision can have tracking problems that cause symptoms that resemble vision lens problems. People who play sports may notice a slightly slower reaction time and those who do not may find hints of an issue when everyday tasks increase in difficulty for no apparent reason.

How Can a Vision Therapist Help with Vision Tracking?

Vision therapy consists of vision exercises done under direct doctor supervision to aid in vision problems that do not stem from lens problems. While vision therapy can help improve a child's grades by improving their ability to focus and read a page it is not a cure-all for learning disabilities. It is more an item to check off when it comes to discovering why your child may be struggling.

​​​​​​​You will find that the therapy sessions are individualized to help each patient with their particular issues. Each session will be about half an hour to a full hour and you will likely be giving home reinforcement exercises to practice between visits. The goal is to improve certain skills and eye-brain coordination abilities in the patient so reading, tracking, and fine detail work is not a struggle.

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