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Glaucoma is a condition that can cause damage to your eye’s optic nerve. This condition worsens over time, making early detection and adequate treatment and management vital to protecting yourself from vision loss. The optometrists at Christenson Vision Care provide comprehensive glaucoma eye exams as well as treatment and management options.

What are the causes of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is caused by high fluid pressure inside the eye that occurs when the liquid in the front part of your eye isn’t circulating the way it is meant to. Normally, this liquid will leave the eye through a mesh-like channel. However, when this channel gets blocked there can be a build-up of liquid that can cause glaucoma.

Who is typically affected by this condition?

Some people have a higher risk of getting glaucoma than others. Here are some of the most common risk factors:

  • Over the Age of 40

  • Family Members with Glaucoma

  • African, Hispanic, or Asian heritage

  • High Eye Pressure

  • Previous Eye Injuries

  • Diabetes or High Blood Pressure

  • Thin Corneas or Thinning Optic Nerve

  • Long-Term Steroid Use

If you could be at high risk for Glaucoma, it’s important that you tell your optometry doctor and get regular eye exams to catch any problems early on.

What are the signs and symptoms of Glaucoma?

Some symptoms of glaucoma include vision loss, red eyes, hazy eyes, eye pain, tunnel vision, or seeing halos around lights. It’s important to note that most people do not experience any of these signs or symptoms. In fact, often, the first sign is a loss of peripheral vision which many patients won’t notice until the disease has progressed.

How can you prevent Glaucoma?

Early detection is important in helping prevent permanent vision damage caused by glaucoma. That’s why routine comprehensive eye exams are vital in catching this condition early before it causes vision loss.

How does an optometrist diagnose Glaucoma?

An optometrist can provide a comprehensive eye exam that tests for this condition. Glaucoma testing involves examining the inner eye pressure, shape, and color of the optic nerve, the complete field of vision, the angle in the eye where the iris and cornea meet, and the thickness of the cornea.

What is the treatment for Glaucoma?

After diagnosis, your optometrist will recommend medications to treat your glaucoma and manage symptoms. These can include both eye drops and oral medications. In some instances, your eye doctor may recommend surgery. It is important that you follow the eye doctor’s recommendations and return for follow up examinations to ensure proper glaucoma care and management.

Contact Your Hudson Eye Doctors for More Information Regarding Glaucoma

If you believe that you may have glaucoma or be at risk for this condition, it’s vital that you get a comprehensive eye exam from an experienced optometrist. Christenson Vision Care provides quality eye care and vision therapy services to Hudson and beyond, including Glaucoma diagnosis, treatment, and management. Call today to schedule an appointment at (715) 381-1234.

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