Pam N.

Pam N., OVT

Optometric Vision Therapist

I’ve been a vision therapist since 1998. I love working with our patients and bringing my education and creativity to the clinic. My education includes elementary education studies and x-ray technician training. My interest in vision therapy began when my daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia in 1996. As a vision therapist, I provide therapeutic care to you or your child. I make sure that all treatment goals are met by evaluating each session, finding new therapeutic goals, and prescribing techniques to practice at home.

Four Fun Facts About Me:

  1. 1. I love gardening, reading, and vegetarian cooking.

  2. 2. My husband and I have two cats, Hazel and Gypsy.

  3. 3. I enjoy a wide variety of music from classical to rock.

  4. 4. I also enjoy nature and am a bit of a rock enthusiast.

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