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Many people require vision correction either at a young age or at some point later in life. Many more turn to reading glasses for work and leisure. But for the performance athlete or recreational sports enthusiast who needs vision correction while engaging in sporting activities, much more than ordinary glasses are necessary.

The Benefits of Sports Glasses

For performance athletes and sports enthusiasts, performing up to the standards of the game on the court or on the field requires strong visual acuity. Ordinary corrective lenses can deliver this visual acuity, allowing you to grab a fast-moving ball, hit a remote target, see, and comprehend the body language and facial cues of your teammates, and to see long distances.

But your needs as an athlete do not end there. You need high performing glasses that will stay in place during jarring activity, that will not break or shatter on impact, and that can protect your eyes from harm. All of this may seem like a lot to ask of a set of glasses, but high quality, tough and durable sports glasses have been around for a long time. The technology is well developed, and today’s high-end sports glasses will cover all your sports vision needs easily.

Some sports glasses frames are even stylish enough for everyday wear. Specialists in the field of optometry have been working to optimize the durability and effectiveness of sports glasses for many years, and we think you are going to like what they have come up with!

What to Expect While Getting Fitted for Sports Glasses With Your Optometrist or Family Eye Doctor

When you go in for your appointment to be fitted for sports glasses with your optometrist or family eye doctor, you will receive an eye exam to find the right vision correction type and level for you. If you already have prescription lenses, you may skip this portion of the fitting. However, it might be wise to carry through with it just in case your vision correction needs have changed.

Next, your eye doctor will help you choose a frame that fits you snugly and securely. Oftentimes, sports frames will have to be custom fitted for an unshakable fit. In some cases, you may review options for removable straps that will help ensure your sports glasses do not go flying into the crowd during play.

​​​​​​​Once you are finished, a high-quality, custom-fitted set of sports glasses will be created to be a perfect fit for your needs.

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