Vision Rehabilitation/Concussions/TBI

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy can be very effective in the visual rehabilitation of concussions (when visual symptoms persist), stroke recovery and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).
These visual skills are affected by Concussions (TBIs) and/or Stroke:

  • Eye Teaming

  • Eye Focusing

  • Eye Tracking

  • Headaches and Eye Strain

  • Visual Processing Problems

  • Balance and Movement Issues

Many of these visual conditions can be successfully managed with Vision Rehabilitation Therapy.

​​​​​​​EyeZone Therapy Center has also adopted the BrainTap concussion harness technology for our concussion patients. We have instituted this technology starting in the early part of 2019 after learning of the positive effects of infrared light stimulation for traumatic brain injured (TBI) patients. The BrainTap headset is used in conjunction with active vision therapy procedures, either before or after the therapy session.

If you, or someone you know has sustained a concussion or has suffered a stroke, we may be able to help with our Vision Rehabilitation therapy program! Contact Christenson Vision Care at 715-381-1234 for more information.

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